Hoof Care


Welcome to Kentucky Hoof Care, a sensible, practical approach to hoof care for your horse. It’s based on the characteristics of the natural hoof form that supports the functions of the equine foot. These functions require the hoof capsule properly align with the internal structures of the foot. Hoof function includes  protection for sensitive internal structures, traction, and shock absorption.

Although good, regular trimming supports hoof health, it is the day to day decisions about care and use that have the greatest impact on hoof health. This is where Kentucky Hoof Care stands out from other farriers. We partner with clients to problem solve and make practical suggestions to improve and maintain the best hoof health for your horse.

Kentucky Hoof Care encourages the use of performance hoof boots in place of fixed shoes. But, it’s not as simple as just pulling the shoes. A thorough understanding the natural hoof form is necessary, so that trimming becomes a way of mimicking natural wear. Wear that doesn’t occur for most horses living in captivity because of soft, nonabrasive footing and  insufficient movement.



Performance hoof boots protect the hoof and foot more completely than metal shoes without the consequences of nails.